Another Shaq to the Cavs Rumor

Patrick McManamon – Beacon Journal sports columnist

• The Shaquille O’Neal-to-the-Cavs rumor seems to have some legs, but it’s not like they’re running sprints.

O’Neal no doubt would love to come to the Cavs to play with LeBron James. But reports indicate that he wants a contract extension and some assurance that James will be here past 2010.

Nobody has that assurance.

• Too, would you give a guy who’s going to be 38 this season more than the $20 million he’s due this season?

• The Cavs’ efforts have been to position themselves to make a splash in free agency in 2010, to add a player like Chris Bosh to play with James.

Extending Shaq would hamper those efforts greatly.

• One great thing about acquiring Shaq — well, there’s a lot of great things — would be his near manic obsession with stopping Dwight Howard.

O’Neal seems determined to belittle Howard at every turn, as if Howard’s presence is somehow tarnishing Shaq’s legacy. So Shaq is going out of his way to diminish Howard — to the point of calling him an ”impostor.”

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