Bobcats to explore possibility of adding Iverson

The Charlotte Bobcats have an owner who’s losing millions and looking
to sell. They’ve struggled to move tickets, win games and become
relevant in a town that used to adore the NBA.

Allen Iverson could change that. Pair the polarizing guard with coach
Larry Brown again and they wouldn’t just be talking about games in
Charlotte, they’d be talking about practice, too.Whether Iverson is reunited with his former adversary-turned-buddy Brown is Charlotte’s most intriguing storyline as the NBA’s free agency period opens Wednesday.

Iverson is a 34-year-old free agent, far removed from his NBA MVP days and certainly about to be paid much less than the nearly $22 million he made last season, when he was traded from Denver to Detroit.

Seven years after Iverson’s famous "We’re talking about practice!" rant directed at Brown when they were in Philadelphia, the two have made up. Iverson was spotted in Charlotte in May, when Brown said he’d have no problems coaching him again and Iverson’s agent indicated his client would be open to playing for the Bobcats.

Leon Rose declined further comment on Tuesday, but he’s expected to talk to the Bobcats as the free agency negotiating period starts Wednesday.

"Even though there are things that went on during our careers, the work he did was phenomenal," Brown said recently. "He wants to win, he competes every night, he plays hurt."

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