Mavs Talk To Lamar Odom – And Yes, We've Amateur-GM'ed Our Way To A Tr

David Lord and Mike Fisher

Mavs owner Mark Cuban, in a Monday night interview on NBA TV, said that Dallas has been in contact with the agent for Lakers free agent Lamar Odom.“There are a lot of guys who haven’t been signed,’’ Cuban told David Aldridge, “so we’re talking to everybody. We’re talking to Lamar Odom’s agent in case he decides not to go back to LA. … which, who knows if there’s an opportunity there. …’’

Now, Mark mentions this in a throwaway manner. It’s almost as if he simply using Odom as an example of the most fanciful of the possibilities that are still out there.

But let’s play Amateur GM again here: When it comes to the Mavs and Lamar Odom, there is definitely an opportunity there.

We break it down:


Let’s get this out of the way first: In our pursuit of Mavs transaction news … in our anticipation of Mavs transaction news … we chase both what they are doing and thinking and what they potentially could/should be thinking. We are not chasing rainbows here, but rather examining pathways. And we do so with the belief that Dallas has a keen awareness of the availability of such scenarios.

That doesn’t mean such a transaction will happen; heck, it doesn’t even mean such a transaction is being explored. It simply means we’re pointing out a pathway worth exploration – and in this case, a very specific way to navigate that pathway.

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