The Deadline has passed!!!

The fun is over for another year the NBA deadline has passed and all the trades are accounted for.

Here is a run down of all of today’s deals.

Now we have the free agent news to look forward to and the playoffs.

The biggest deal of the day happened between the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Hornets.

The Warriors traded Speedy Claxton who is averaging just over 11 points a game and bench warmer Dale Davis to the Hornets for former All-star Baron Davis.

Davis when he plays is a player that any team would love to have but this season he has been prone to injury. Davis will have to rebound and get back to playing the game on the court. His off the floor problems may be the reason the Hornets let him go along with the fact that he has a max deal that will pay him over 60 million in the next few season. The Warriors have taken a major step to insure they make the playoffs but how far they go and how much Davis plays time will only tell. The Warriors will also have a log jam on the point also having Derek Fisher.

Antoine Walker Going Home

The Celtics traded Gary Payton, Tom Gugliotta and Michael Stewart to Atlanta for Walker.

I don’t understand why Boston made this deal. The only thing I see is they either think they can resign Walker or plan on using the new found cap space to go after a free agent like Allen or Redd this off-season. Payton will have the same role he has had in Boston all season long, he will help the younger Hawk players develop. I can’t see him being happy with the deal, he has wanted out of Boston all season but I’m sure the Hawks were the last team he wanted to play for.

Keith Van Horn on the move again!

The Milwaukee Bucks traded Keith Van Horn to the Dallas Mavericks for Alan Henderson, Calvin Booth and cash.

Van Horn like Davis has been battling injury problems all season long but will help an already stacked Mavericks team. There is only one reason why the Bucks made this trade and that is to free up cap room to re-sign Redd this off-season. If the rumors are true they will have to win a bidding war with King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Milwaukee also traded guard Mike James and center Zendon Hamilton to the Houston Rockets for Reece Gaines and second-round picks in 2006 and ’07.

Another sallary dump by the Bucks. The Rockets won this deal hands down. James will add to an already strong shooting team and will be a valuable player in the playoffs.

The Knicks dumped salary for once!

Thomas made two deals on deadline day but they weren’t the kind of deals that we have all gotten used to him making.

He started by trading Nazr Mohammed and guard Jamison Brewer to the Spurs for Malik Rose and two No. 1 picks. I like this deal for the Knicks. The picks are a gamble but I think Rose has a big upside and will be a part of the franchise for a long time if Thomas doesn’t stupidly trade him for another old big contract.

In the other deal Thomas got Taylor trade form Houston for Vin Baker and guard Moochie Norris. This could go down as the steal of the deadline. Both Baker and Norris were nothing but bench players in New York and their best days are behind them. For once Thomas did a good job and his team will be much better in the next few years for it.

Cavaliers add shooter

The Cavaliers traded a 2007 first-round draft pick to the Boston Celtics for guard Jiri Welsch. Welsch isn’t Larry Bird but anyway you look at it he is a good pickup. By the time the 2007 draft comes around the Cavs will be dominating the NBA so the pick wont be any better then 25th and Welsch does have a good shoot.

Raptors keep things the same.

All season we have been hearing rumors about the Raptors trading Rose, and Marshall but the deadline came and went, and the Raps didn’t make a move. The reasoning behind keeping the team intact is to make a run at the playoffs. Bbut anyone with half a brain knows the Raptors don’t have a hope in hell of making the playoffs. Marshall will walk this off-season amd the Raps will get nothing in return. But I guess that’s better then taking on another bad contract.

Sixers make the most noise!

The Sixers are looking like a very strong team now that the deadline is over. They added not only Christ Webber the big man that have been lacking but also added fowards Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rogers. Along with bench players Matt Barnes and Michael Bradley. The cost of revamping their roster was steep. They traded Brian Skinner, Kenny Thomas Corliss Williamson and Glenn Robinson. I like the way the Sixers roster shapes out now with a good mix of young and old. There will be a strong team on the court in Philly for a long time to come.

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