Andre Miller: I Don’t Care About What The Critics Say

Tas Melas

What you see with Andre Miller is what you get. No, he is not the superstar Blazers fans wanted this offseason in hopes of immediately propelling them to the elite, and no, he’s not a flashy name nor player on the court, but he makes his teammates better. He’ll definitely ease the burden on Brandon Roy (as he points out below), he’ll get guys good shots, and he’ll work his butt off. He’s quiet, he loves basketball, and he improves teams.
If I were giving advice to Portland fans, I’d say, allow the guy to join your team and then evaluate from there. He definitely has a little of what Hedo Turkoglu could have brought to the team if Banu Turkoglu didn’t love Toronto so much. But, can you blame her? I mean, what’s there not to love? No offense Portland. Miller joined 95.5 The Game in Portland to discuss how he saw Roy suffering last season, what he has to say to his doubters, and his game plan on the court.

What do you say to Blazer fans who aren’t excited about you coming to Portland?

“I don’t really care what they think. They probably didn’t want me in Philadelphia when I got moved there and there was no expectations when I got traded for Allen Iverson, so I mean, I went in to that situation and pretty much proved the critics wrong. I helped the team get to the playoffs and definitely could have helped the team get to the second round – we were close to getting to the second round for two years. So, I can’t worry about what’s going on off the court as far as critics, or whether it was a good or bad move. I think people will see that I’m a hard worker and I definitely make people better, I make people around me better.”

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