Possible Sign and trade for David Lee

The only holding out on David Lee’s mind right now is mainly the hope that his contract status will be resolved fairly soon. In fact we’re hearing through a source tonight that there are "are a couple of sign-and-trades still being considered before a one-year deal is negotiated."We can’t tell you what these deals are because it is sensitive information that, if it were to go public would be detrimental to either happening.

In other words, we don’t really know the exact principles of either deal that has been discussed.

And why we don’t know is because our sources won’t tell us for the reasons stated above.

What we do know is that if neither deal is accepted by the Knicks — and we’re told that Donnie Walsh, despite wanting to keep Lee in the fold, is taking serious consideration into any reasonable S&T for Lee — then Lee and his agent, Mark Bartelstein, are prepared to negotiate a one-year deal to remain in New York for the 2009-10 season. He will then become an unrestricted free agent in next summer.

Again, we can only speculate about the potential sign-and-trades at this point. You could guess that the Portland Trail Blazers may be one of the interested parties.

The Blazers were very close to tendering an offer sheet to Lee after the Jazz matched their offer for Paul Millsap. In fact, Knicks insiders tell me they were bracing for it, but Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard felt the Knicks were sure to match, so he went with Andre Miller instead.

The Knicks have made it pretty clear to Portland that any discussion involving Lee would have to start with Rudy Fernandez ($1.1M with team opt in 2010). So far, the Blazers have been reluctant to include Fernandez and, after signing Miller, are more likely to want to involve Steve Blake ($4.9M) and Travis Outlaw ($4M).


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