Kahn on Antonio Daniels and other matters

Jerry Zgoda

Sat down with David Kahn for about an hour this afternoon for a camp-opening Q-and-A session that will run in Monday’s paper to preview that day’s media day and Tuesday’s opening of training camp in Mankato.Wearing a NBA cap emblazoned with “Destination: Finals” and with flu medication in hand, he talked on a variety of subjects — some of which I’ll touch on here — before newly acquired Antonio Daniels entered his Target Center office as I left.

A smattering of things:

* He put Daniels in the same category as traded-away Quentin Richardson and absent Mark Blount. Daniels, 34, was acquired from New Orleans earlier this month mainly because Kahn opened more cap space for next summer by trading Darius Songaila and the two years remaining on his contract away. Daniels wants to play significant minutes so he score another sizable contract next summer, a prospect that, barring injury, isn’t likely with the Wolves committed to Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions at point guard.

He said he would trade Daniels to a team where he can play more — as he did by dealing Richardson to Miami for Blount — if he can get a similar expiring $6.6 million contract in return. Kahn said he believes helping players in that situation if possible is a bit of goodwill that eventually will benefit the franchise with other players down the road.

* He expects Al Jefferson and Corey Brewer to be ready to participate fully when camp starts Tuesday, but said Jefferson might sit for portions or all of the second half of two-a-days as a precaution or if he’s sore in his return from February knee surgery.


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