Once hoping to play for Bulls, Carlos Boozer says he's happy with Jazz


As far as Carlos Boozer is concerned, his "Trade Me Here" world tour over the summer is ancient history.Boozer was featured prominently in trade rumors when the Jazz matched restricted free agent Paul Millsap’s contract offer from the Trail Blazers, putting the small-market Jazz deep into luxury tax territory.

Boozer went on Chicago and Miami radio stations, claiming the Jazz promised to trade him and detailing his desire to play with both organizations.

"At the time, I thought there was a chance I might get moved," Boozer said. "But that’s over. That’s summertime. Stuff happens like that in the summer. Everybody’s moved forward. I’m happy to be part of my team."

Boozer cut short a question about whether he and Millsap can coexist at power forward.

"We already have," Boozer said. "We played well together last season. I missed a lot of time (45 games to injury), so we didn’t get to see how good it would be for a long period of time. But we’re going to play a lot together."


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