Utah Jazz: Millsap el conquistador helps Jazz conquer

Tim Buckley

"I haven’t made a definite decision," he added. "I have to see how some of these other guys come along. I thought they played a little bit harder tonight on the defensive end. But we can’t survive with guys just trying to get by on defense, and using their offense to try to stay out there. I probably did that a little bit too much last year."

In any event, one thing seems certain: The Jazz know they need Millsap on the floor.

That probably includes at the end of close games, which in Sloan’s world is much more important than who starts.

"He’s gonna have to play," said Williams, who added Millsap was "unstoppable around the basket" Thursday.

"You saw (Sloan) try him at the 3 (small forward), and that’s gonna work in some cases, where he’s gonna have a mismatch. And I feel like he can defend the 3 at times, depending on who’s out there. So, he’s gonna have to get time. I mean, we paid him the big money to play — and he deserves to play."

Millsap seems to feel similarly, though he’s quite careful about what he has to say and how he says it.

"It’s important to me," he said of being on the court late, "but we’ve got guys who can stay out there and play in game situations — including myself. But any way I can try to help our team, I’m going to continue to do that."


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