Lamar Odom Injury Update

Quick word from Lamar Odom after Friday’s 97-92 win over the Kings in Las Vegas. LO limped to the locker room at the end of the first half after getting kicked in the right shin, possibly by Sacramento’s Jon Brockman, who was locked in a scrum on the floor with Ron Artest. Josh Powell started the second half, and when Odom tried to enter the game he quickly had to check out, clearly in pain.After the game, he wasn’t worried. "I’m alright. It’ll be alright. They were wrestling down there, Ron, the wrestler and Brockman, they were wrestling and someone down there kicked me," Odom said. "Front side. Right side on my shin. Right on the muscle there. It’s a tough place to get hit. Treatment, that’s it."

Given the significance of the game (i.e. none), Odom wasn’t going to screw around. "I was done. I tried to push off, and (couldn’t). It was not the time nor the place. You’ve gotta be careful, and take care of your injuries." Will he play this weekend? Maybe, maybe not. Sure, it devalues the hallowed Staples Shootout, but if there’s even a hint of pain, Odom will likely sit, and rightfully so.

Officially, the Lakers called it a contusion of the lower right leg, and said he’s day to day.

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