Is Iverson Having a Change of Heart?

Allen Iverson announced that he’s retiring from the NBA. But is that really the last we’ve seen from him?Iverson sent a statement to Stephen A. Smith of FOX Sports Radio on Wednesday about his retirement. But, according to Smith, sources close to Iverson are saying he’s already having a change of heart after seeing some of the reaction around the league.

"I think he just wants to feel wanted again," one of the sources said.

A couple of the notable reactions from around the league included the Heat’s Dwyane Wade and the Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony.

"I’m No. 3. He made No. 3 cool,” Wade told “He made crossovers cool. He did so much for the game as a pioneer. It’s sad to see him think about retirement."

"It’s tough — just a messed-up way to go out like that,” Anthony told The Denver Post. “Especially knowing you can still play, knowing you still got it.”

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