Barkley says Boozer is big problem

Jody Genessy

If you ask Charles Barkley — and his buddies on the TNT set did late Thursday night — the Utah Jazz have a big problem.

And the Round Mound wasn’t talking about Saturday’s home game against
the Los Angeles Lakers, who walloped the Jazz 101-77 at the Staples
Center on Wednesday night.

So how big is this other problem?

According to the ever-opinionated Barkley, the problem is so big it weighs 266 pounds, stands 6 feet 9 inches tall and is hindering the Jazz’s chances to be a serious contender this season.

It also has a name: Carlos Boozer.

Yes, the same one who is the reigning Western Conference player of the week and who has looked like an All-Star the past month or so.

"(The Jazz) are a decent team," Barkley said on the "Inside the NBA" show after Utah’s 120-111 win over Orlando. "But they have to do something about Carlos Boozer."

The general manager wannabe didn’t specify what that "something" should be — though the word "trade" might be found in the blanks — but he insinuated that the 13-9 Jazz might not be so up and down this season if that "something" had already happened.

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