Next Season Standings

I already did one for next years all star team, but heres how i think next years standings will beEAST

1. Cleveland- Will win division if they sign Redd, him, LBJ, and the big Z could even outdo Detroit and Miami for the #1 spot in the east. This is all put together saying LBJ keeps developing as well as he has been.

2. Miami- Are gonna have another great year, Wade is definately putting pressure on Melo for 2nd best rookie of 03-04 draft, and another great year could seal it. If Shaq stays off the IL and they dont lose any key players expect another great season.

3. Philadelphia- With Webb and A.I. for a full season along with a great young supporting cast of Korver, and Dalembert are the threat from anywhere on the field, No key free agents will help.

4. Detroit- Will be a crazy match for the 5th seed as they have to face Detroit, probally a top 3 team if not for divisions, Tayshaun makes all star team next year MARK MY WORDS. With constent development from Milicik, Dupree, Arroyo, and Delfino will stay a threat for a while.

5. Indiana- People will forget about this team after the year of the brawl, but with Artest back and Oneals injury over with team will be a contender again. ONly thing that can hurt them is Miller retiring, so no more Miller time.

6.Boston- With Toine and Pierce for a full year if they play like they have since the trade could be even higher, Pierce has got to keep his head in the game though, as he seems to zone out quite a bit. Blount and Jefferson continually developing is crutial to this club.

7. New Jersey- A great team with Kidd, Carter, and RJ could threaten phily for the division but wont happen, need to sign a free agent for the bench, Krstic is a great prospect but has to get his inside game going.

8. Washington-Is going to fade in the standings this season, Hughes staying is crutial, he goes the team goes as shown when he was hurt. Arenas is going to have a great season. Please washington go back to the BULLETS jerseys.

9. Chicago- The magic might be over for a year but this is a great young team. With Gordon, Deng, and Curry centering some older talent this team is destined to make some final runs, even though not as talented as Jordon era. Anyone else for Gordon ROY.

10. New York- Marbury has to step it up for them to even grab a posistion this high, team is getting old and injury prone, has got to rebuild around Marbury and Crawford, Arizas also a great prospect.

11. Magic- If Francis is traded, season is screwed already, should trade Hill and give him to a respectable team for a run at a championship. Has got to totally rebuild, failed last year, will they fail again?

12. Charlotte- Is gonna be a great team in time, Okafor at times looks like shaq. Could see them start thrownin games to get the number 1 pick but can atlanta be worse than them. Kapono is another great prospect but need a shooter. They got cap room, any agents want to come to Charlotte?

13.Toronto- Sorry raptors fans this team is just not good. Marshall is a for sure goner, did not get anything for Air Carter, Bosh is a great player but cant do it by himself. They got to realize they got to take a step back to make a step up. MOPETE is a great bench player on the bright side.

14. Atlanta- Have a great base of young players like Chicago started to do a few years ago. Will be a team like the grizzlies in a few years, maybe a lil too much depth and some youngsters will not be able to develop.

15. Milwaukee- Is assuming Redd goes to Cleveland, is going to rebuild bigtime, probbaly gonna trade away Mason, Smith. Has got to draft a center, since Gadzuric does not cut it as a number1 dont expect much this year.


1. Phoenix- Amare is all your going to hear next year as he continues to grow up with his outside game keeping his inside game intact. Theres 2 critical things for them next season. 1 is keep Joe Johnson and 2 is keep Nash healthy for the year, nash goes down team goes down.

2. San Antonio- If you have Duncan on your team you will never have a bad season, spurs will try to prove that next year. This team is full of depth and suprise players. Parker, Ginobli, Barry, and Bowen are very underated and are gonna be a big part of this team next year. Watch out For Budrih.

3. Denver- Carmelo has to lead this team somewhere in the playoffs as Wade and LBJ will in the East. They have to start to get the ball more to K-Mart and Boykins dosent deserve the bench job as he as good as any starter short of Melo on that team.

4. Dallas- Will stay in the 4 or 5 spot for years until they give DINO another shooter on this team, will proly go after Joe johnson. West has looked well in games this month. But Nowitzki cant do it himself

5. Houston- Have got to start off the seaon hot. Yao has to get more agressive on the basket. START DUNKING YOU A BIG BOI. :<. Tmac is gonna have a great year and Sura is the most underated playin the league but got to find how to get yao more shots or DUNKS. 6.Memphis- Got to stop the 10 man bench and just get Pau another all star. Bench has got em through injurys this season but got to make a jump from 6 or 7 seed to division contenders. Dont be shocked if they sign Ray Allen 7. Los Angelas Lakers- Kobe wont let lakers miss the playoffs two years in a row after the questions he will get this year about him and shaq. Odom might get traded but if he does expect somthing back. If Kobe can get his team the ball too this team is not bad. 8. Golden State- Yep the Warriors are finally gonna make playoffs, since deadline they have been great beating Phoenix, 2 times coming within 5 points of Detroit and 3 games above .500. Baron and Jrich is a great backcourt while Murphy is a great player as well. 9. Seattle- With Allen gone the magic is gone. Dont be surprised if Rashard also wants out of the green and white at the end of this season. Luke is a great youngster but does not want in the middle of all this either. Seattle fans, enjoy this season while it lasts. 10. Minnesota- 2 year out of the playoffs could drive KG to ask for a trade, and he should he does not deserve this as he plays so hard every night even if he is hurt. Cassel and Spre are prolly gonna get shipped away for some young talent. Wally has got to stop complaining about coming off the bench. Have to start playing Eli 11. Sacramento- If Peja goes this team is dead. Injury prone Miller and Cat wont help much and the entire season will rest on Bibbys shoulders. He cant carry it, trust me. This team either has to rebuild or trade the injury prone players. 12. LA clippers- Yep another season on the outside. Brand gets better every year but it seems it never helps as somthing is always out of place. Have to keep this core of Maggete, Brand, Livingston, Kittles together to get better. 13. Utah- I dont know much about this team cept they cant score. Kirilenkos a great player but has no help as everyone else they have are very overated, including Okur, boozer and harpring. Need to draft well and stay young. 14. New Orleans- The only reason they are in front of Portland is because i like J.R. smith and thell have the number 1 draft pick and can make somthing out of it. I like the additionof Speedy Claxton makes em stronger at pg. 15. TrailBlazers- I honestly dont know what 2 say bout this team. THEY SUCK. um Randolph constantly injured, Van exel gonna retired who else they got. Abdur Raheim will be traded and they wont be in the top 10 in the draft. After waht this team has been through in the past 5 years they should be paid to see this team.

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