McGrady chomping to play … for someone

Tracy McGrady’s $23 million salary makes him difficult to trade – but
not impossible. While McGrady is playing a limited role for the Rockets
since returning from knee surgery, he is confident that if he’s traded
his new team won’t be disappointed.

“I will tell you what … if anything were to happen, whoever [trades for him] is going to get a hell of a player,” McGrady said. “A hungry one, too.”

McGrady has gone from one of the NBA’s most feared scorers to now averaging 3.2 points in 7.3 minutes over six games. McGrady has “no idea” when his minutes will increase.

“I’m feeling good and as the minutes start to increase, I’ll show that,” McGrady said. “It’s really hard to do anything on seven minutes. It is what it is at this time and I’m just rolling with it. I’m definitely back.”

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