McGrady is ready

Tim Grover, trainer of the NBA stars, reports the Knicks would be lucky
to get Tracy McGrady and invited NBA scouts to Chicago to check T-Mac

"One-hundred percent ready to go and he’s been ready," Grover told The
Post from his Chicago athletic compound where he’s been working with
McGrady since Christmas. "No limitations, no anything."

Many teams are concerned about McGrady coming back from microfracture knee surgery. Plus, a deal to obtain his $23 million expiring contract without the Rockets taking long-term money back is highly complex.

The Knicks have a legit shot at T-Mac if they are willing to send either of their rookies, Jordan Hill or Toney Douglas, to Houston, according to a source briefed on trade discussions. They have enough other expiring pacts to flesh out a package.

McGrady is working with Grover daily, doing drills and scrimmaging with Bonzi Wells, among others, at Grover’s Attack Center on Chicago’s West side.

"Any team who wants to come down to Chicago, to come look at it, I don’t pull any punches," said Grover, who made a career of training Michael Jordan and took on Kobe Bryant last season. "Put him through anything they want him to put him through. Whether it’s a trade or buyout, he’s ready to go."

Daryl Morey, the Rockets general manager, told The Post he has seven teams interested with various proposals and expects to get something done by the Feb. 18 trading deadline. If a deal is not consummated, the Rockets could buy McGrady out.

⇒ It seems like David Lee has the vote of Thunder coach Scott Brooks, who will get his reserves ballot for the All-Star game in less than two weeks.

"He’s as good as a power forward in the league right now with the way he’s playing," Brooks said before the Thunder’s 106-88 victory over the Knicks last night. "He’s a 20, 10 guy. Watching him play this year he’s handling the ball more. . . . He’s good with either hand, he has a great spin dribble and he passes the ball well for a big guy."

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