2nd round what will be good!!!

After all these first round series we now have the Heat vs. Wizards, Pistons vs. Pacers, Sonics vs. Spurs, and Suns vs. Mavs fighting it out to go on to the semifinals and hopefully two of them go to the NBA Finals. So here now are my picks on the teams who move on to the Semifinals and Finals and the strenghts and weaknesses.Lets take a look first in the most intriguing and very well-known rivalry between the Pistons and Pacers. This matchup between Jermaine O’Neal and Ben Wallace is very fun to watch because both men want the same thing so badly and there working so hard for them. But the weakness of the Pacers is that many of their perimeter shooters can go ice cold and be on a shooting drought for 6 to 8 minutes the most and thats when Pistons score their points. But one of Indy’s strengths is their post-up game with O’Neal as a PF and Dale Davis as Center their post up game is effective. Now the Pistons weakness at times is their transition offense which at suffers because of turnovers and bad shot selection. But there strength like everybody knows is there DEFENSE all around they can shut you down in transition,fastbreak, and perimeter shots. At the end Pistons wins this series in 7 games (AGAIN!!!)

Heat vs Wizards is not really a very entertaining series but at times it has its little power sparks. Many people are saying “Well Shaq isn’t really doing much, Dwyane Wade, DJ,EJ and the bench is doing all the work” But i bet you if Shaq and the Heat get to the finals then people will be saying everything backwards because come that time he shines in the spotlight. Wizards weakness is that their fastbreak offense is completetly off because none of them seen to get back the other side of the floor and their strenghth is the big 3 Hughes,Arenas, and Jamison. The Heat’s weakness is their foul trouble, they need to limit their fouls especially on Shaq and Haslem and their strengths is there perimeter shooting with Wade,D.Jones,E.Jones in the starting lineup and Dooling and Rasual Butler coming off the bench. At the end of this series its going to be the Heat (no doubt!!!)

Sonics vs Spurs i see this game as a defense take over by the Spurs but a excellent performance by the Sonics offense. Spurs weakness is their injuries they have to keep Parker,Manu,and Duncan healthy and their strengths is simply like the Pistons their defense they are able to shut down anyone. Sonics weakness is there inside presence can their big men step up?!!! their strength is simply Ray Allen period. As much as i love the way the Sonics improve thi season i really think the Spurs will win it in about 6 games.

Mavs vs Suns. Suns weakness is there bench they can’t really score in a supporting role and they have no depth and that can be valuable or them. Suns strength is how much their starters score. They are capable of scoring 100 or more points between them. Mavs weakness is defense, will they have a response to the Suns or just fall apart? Their strength is without a question their shooting they can really light it up like they showed you in the series with the Rockets. But at the end I think it will be Suns in 6 games.

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