Big Man In Nets House


And regarding free agents to be, the Nets of course are doing all their
homework regarding some of the guys who may be available prior to the
free agency period. Team president Rod Thorn foresees a very active
trading period – though not necessarily for the Nets.

"Because I think there are teams that would like to get under the
luxury tax. There are teams that would like to get under the salary cap
and because there are teams that aren’t very good that now see it,"
Thorn said. "There’s the ‘What are we going to do? We’ve got high
priced players let’s see if we can (get something) thinking."

As for the Nets, Thorn and GM Kiki Vandeweghe are making all the calls. Anything close?

"No, not at all. But that’s subject to change. It’s not close enough to the trade deadline," Thorn said.

Thorn does not foresee anything major – again, subject to trade if someone goes loony and offers a fire sale price.

But there is obvious risk pursuing the likes of Amar’e (sees "potential" in the Nets) Stoudemire or Carlos (shoot me rather than make me a Net) Boozer or Chris (No way I’ll play there) Bosh. Any team taking them on would need to be virtually certain they will stay. The price tag would be high – but then the Nets could always offer the most to keep them in free agency.

Some in the organization like Boozer, pointing out he is a legit 20 and 10 guy and there aren’t many of those. Others feel he is way too much of a defensive liability. And all remember how he left the Cavs hanging after a verbal commitment. Bosh, some feel, has his sights set elsewhere. And although the Suns are listening to offers for Stoudemire, they are not dead set on moving him.

What would the Nets be willing to yield? Two pieces are hands off – their initial first round pick which they hope, hope, hope is No. 1 for John Wall. And Brook Lopez seems to be as untouchable as it gets. For Stoudemire, we’ve heard packaged containing Yi Jianlian, Terrence Williams and picks or Yi, Courtney Lee and picks. Much is pure speculation because the Nets don’t look like they are going to do a major pre-deadline deal. And they are VERY reluctant to deal assets they worked so hard (and suffered so much) to get — picks, young players, cap space, etc.
"Nobody is untouchable but Brook, it would have to take a tremendous trade for us to trade him. But I would never say we wouldn’t trade anybody," Thorn said.

Next would be Devin Harris.

"Devin is a very good player. That would be a big deal if we did anything with him. And I don’t see it happening," Thorn said.

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