New BTR Admin

Hello all members of BTR. It is sunday morning, and I am up early. So I’ve decided to tell you all about the new admin. His name is Traitor. He is a bit of a jerk, but you’ll get used to him. I know him VERY well.By now most of you have realized that the one writing this article is Traitor. I will be adding several features to the sight with Trademans permission. Though he’ll be cool about it, because my plans are all things like fantasy leagues and what not. I got the game, so I will try to run one here. But to let Lakers fans know, I call the Kobeyville Yellow shirts.

Unfortunatley, it looks like the playoff pool is gone. The admin running it (Shady Records) was involved in a huge controversy on, and now no one knows exactly what happened to him. Then JaYs stepped down. Don’t know where Jail Blazer fan is.

So I’m the new admin. Another admin will be named shortly…


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