Real trade season coming

With the trade deadline less than three weeks away, talks are only starting to heat up.

It’s the NBA way, due in part to the fact that team executives are
looking to assess their current roster as long as possible before
making changes. It’s also because the 11th-hour approach is written
somewhere in the general manager’s unofficial handbook.

Despite being able to trade since the end of last season’s playoffs (and teams that weren’t in the postseason could trade amongst each other), the majority of deals are done either in the summer or as the trade deadline approaches.

League sources polled this week said Philadelphia and New York are the most active. The 76ers are shopping the likes of small forward Andre Iguodala (four seasons and combined $56.5 million beyond this season) and center Samuel Dalembert ($12.9 million next season), with the Kings having shown some interest in Dalembert.

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