Inside the Sixers: Ready to pull the trigger on a deal?

Kate Fagan – Inquirer Staff Writer

One year ago, the 76ers watched the trading deadline pass.

The reason was as simple as a foul shot: Sixers general manager Ed
Stefanski believed in his young nucleus. The belief made sense. His
team – the core of which was that young nucleus – was on its way to
making its second straight playoff appearance. The Sixers seemed to be
one of a handful of young NBA franchises with better days ahead, not in
the rearview mirror.

A year later, that vision has been tossed into a blender. This season’s Feb. 18 trading deadline is rapidly approaching, and chatter within the league has the Sixers as one team likely to make a move.

On Thursday, Stefanski said: "We’re very active in talking to teams throughout the league, and we’re listening to any option to improve the basketball team. . . . I don’t think there are any untouchables."

For the right price, no player has ever been untouchable, but the team’s 15-31 record seems to have thrown open the doors.

What follows is a list of the Sixers most likely to be traded, and those least likely.


Andre Iguodala
Lou Williams
Samuel Dalembert


Elton Brand
Jrue Holiday

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