Suns' Stoudemire could end up with 76ers for Iguodala

Sam Smith

Perhaps the biggest question coming up to the Feb. 18 trading deadline
is the fate of Amar’e Stoudemire and where he ends up. I’ve got at
least one interesting possibility.

First, how much can you offer for a guy who still could opt out? Though
Stoudemire could opt in as Carlos Boozer did this season for $17.68
million. It is considered unlikely given the expected new collective
bargaining agreement after the summer of 2011 (hopefully), which should
mean, at least, shorter contracts and perhaps reduced maximums. So most
everyone figures to try to get in under the wire this summer.

Stoudemire sitting out in the fourth quarter last week as the Suns rallied to beat Dallas probably was a good hint his time is Phoenix is limited. He actually has mentioned interest in the Nets, so he’s not exactly worried about winning. They do have a lot of players, sort of. Yi Jianlian? Nah. The Suns don’t need more soft guys who don’t defend. Maybe Courtney Lee. Maybe Devin Harris to succeed Steve Nash, though the Suns like their Goran Dragic.

I can see something with the 76ers, as there’s widespread talk of moving former University of Arizona star Andre Iguodala, who could return to the desert, say, with someone like Samuel Dalembert, who’s long been available and would fit the Suns defensive needs. I guess Stoudemire could play center in the East. But with Elton Brand? I don’t know.

But here’s my shocker: Gilbert Arenas to the 76ers as well?

Call it a shot in the dark.

Here’s why: One of the hottest rumors floating around the NBA is former super agent David Falk could be in line to take a prominent role with the Wizards once the sale is completed from the Pollin family. Falk, who represented Michael Jordan and once was the game’s preeminent agent, has been looking for a way to increase his role in the NBA and long has talked about running a team. The joke long around the NBA was that Falk always believed he was running teams because he’d always propose trades to reshape teams with his players. It’s the natural extension he’s long been seeking, and he is a Washington fixture with his business there.

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