Why Nash is the NBA's MVP

I was watching Sportsnet the other night, and they had a very interesting subject. It was the possibility that Steve Nash was picked due to racism. They also brought up the point that all Canadian reporters voted for Nash. But all said and done, Steve Nash deserved the MVP award.
Last year the Phoenix Suns had a dismal 29 win season, and missed the playoffs. The Miami Heat came in 4th in there conference, and made the playoffs.

But then the Suns signed free agent Steve Nash, and the Heat acquired Shaquiele O’neil in a blockbuster deal with the LA Lakers.

Lets look at the improvements. Steve Nash led his Phoenix Suns to a league leading 62 win season. A 33 win improvement over last year. Shaqueile O’neill led his Heat to a few places higher. To first place in the East. But if O’neil was as good as Steve Nash, he should have led a good team to first place in the league. Second isn’t bad, but It proves Nash did more for his team.

Nash pulled a Mario Lemieux. He took a team full of nobodies, and made them all-stars. Shaquiele O’neil took a group of good players, and scored them some extra points. That’s why Nash is the NBA MVP.

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