Jamison headed to Miami. . .for Super Bowl

But should Wizards follow Memphis’ lead and move him to Cleveland?

Antawn Jamison wasn’t necessarily upset that the Wizards were unable to
get out of Orlando this weekend. Sure, he would’ve loved to make it
back to Washington and play the Atlanta Hawks at Verizon Center last
night. But since the game was postponed, Jamison had a much easier
commute to Miami, where he plans on watching the New Orleans Saints and
Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl.

Jamison caught a short flight to Miami after Sunday’s practice in Orlando. He’ll join the team on Monday.

This will be the first Super Bowl that Jamison has ever attended, but the Louisiana native said it has nothing to do with the Saints participating. He’s not even a Saints fan. He said he’s a fan of individual players and thinks Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the game.

Jamison has no rooting interest in the game, but he purchased a suite at Sun Life Stadium so that he could have a good time with several of his friends. He said his wife, Ione, granted him some time with his boys to help get away; with this difficult season with the Wizards providing few opportunities for fun. Jamison made a similar trip to watch North Carolina win the national championship in Detroit last season.

I know there has been a lot of talk lately about the Wizards being reluctant to move Jamison to Cleveland given the bad blood between the two franchises. The apprehension is believed to be rooted in three hotly contested playoff series, and Larry Hughes’s departure in the summer of 2005. The prevailing sentiment from people around the league is that President Ernie Grunfeld has no desire to help Danny Ferry and the Cavaliers win a championship by giving them Jamison.

But I had a recent conversation with an Eastern Conference executive who made a very interesting point. The executive said the Wizards should only be concerned about interest of the organization – not what Jamison could do for the Cavaliers – and used Memphis as an example.


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