Tim Duncan… what a guy

I was reading around on Sportsnet, and Tim Duncan has become the fifth player in National Basketball Association history to win eight straight first team all-stars, starting with his rookie season.

Tim Duncan has only once in his career played a game without starting. He is twenty nine and already has two World Championship rings.

And with his rings, come more and more acolades, including two finals MVP awards, a slue of all-star game appearances, a rookie of the year award, two NBA MVP awards, an all-star MVP or two, and dozens more.

What lies ahead for Duncan? Obviously more all-star game appearances, more first team all-stars, a couple more rings, some MVP trophies, and best of all, a place in the Basketball Hall of Fame…

So that’s Traitors opinion of the hole thing. See you all later. And to Islesfan, dude I didn’t even know you were a member and you spazz cuz I don’t make you an admin? You didn’t deserve it in the first place..



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