“Shaq Daddy” taken up on offer

George Mikan who died on June 1st at the age of 80 because of a kidney disorder and diabetes left a state of sadness and reflection around the NBA. Miami Heat C Shaquille O’Neal offered the family of George Mikan the honour of handling the expenses of the funeral for the first ever dominant big man in the NBA.

O’Neal heard that the Mikan family was having a few problems with funereal arrangements so he said “if you contact the Heat office, I would like to pay for the funeral.”

Back in his hay day’s George Mikan led the NBA into the spotlight and led his team the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA championships in six years.

Mikan also collected the 1953 All-Star game MVP. George was an All-Star a total of four times in his astounding seven year career.

Mikan ended his career with averages of 23.1 PPG, 2.8 AST and 13.4 REB. He stood 6’10” and weighed 245 pounds during his playing days for the Lakers.

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