Kevin Durant says he'll sign a max deal if Thunder offers this summer


If Oklahoma City makes Kevin Durant a maximum contract offer this summer, he’ll sign it.

In an interview Wednesday with FanHouse, Durant said he wants to sign
an extension with the Thunder. Negotiations can start July 1.

"Yeah, that’s what I want to do," he said."I want to be here. I want to be part of this organization."

The Thunder has the option of waiting until the summer of 2011 to re-sign Durant as an unrestricted free agent. By then the NBA could have a new collective bargaining agreement in place, and the owners’ offer last month made it clear their intent is to drastically cut maximum salaries.

The owners also proposed cutting the maximum number of years in a contract from five to four. As FanHouse’s Chris Tomasson pointed out in his article, no member of the Thunder organization has expressed an interest in waiting until 2011 to sign Durant.

Given the current collective bargaining agreement and the Thunder’s salary cap position, Oklahoma City could offer Durant a five-year deal in the $80 million range.

"If they did offer (a max contract), that would be something that nobody could turn down," Durant told FanHouse. "I would be blessed and privileged and honored. … But, at the same time, I’ve got to keep working. … It would be good (to sign this summer). To know that I can be with a team for a couple (more) years will be cool."

Asked if he would be offended if the Thunder didn’t offer a max deal this summer, Durant said, "Not really."

"Of course, I know I’ll be back the year after that, and you never know what will happen that next summer," Durant said.

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