On Joining the BTR Staff


I am zednik, one of the admins from WOWhockey, and now the newest admin at BTR.com

I think for the most part since this is a new community I would like to take this oppertunity to get to know the other members,

So a bit about myself:

Nick: zednik

What I do 9-5: Venture Capitalist (pretty well an investment banker)

What is my favorite NBA team: Toronto Raptors

Least Favorite NBA Team: LA Lakers

Favorite Player: Jerome Williams

Least Favorite Player: Vince Carter

How many NBA Games to I watch on TV during a season: It really depends if I am home I will watch the Rap’s away games, and whatever good match ups are on the sports pack

How many NBA games to I get to a season: I am a Raptors Season Ticket Holder, so of the 41 regular season games and the 4 pre-season, I normally do about 20-30 a season

Anyway, I am glad to be part of the team !


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