Bell feels used by Bobcats

Rick Bonnell

Some very interesting comments by former Charlotte Bobcat Raja Bell
about how he feels manipulated by his former team, in regard to the
left wrist injury he suffered in the preseason.

"I felt like I was used a little bit,” Bell told the Contra Costa Times. "They played on the fact that I want to play and want to please, and they played on that and, uh, it cost me my season.”

Bell wanted to have arthroscopic surgery, to explore the extent of damage to his left wrist, following a preseason injury. He says he was talked out of that. Bell was trying to tough it out, to help the Bobcats reach the playoffs.

Eventually, following the trade to the Warriors (a deal that acquired Stephen Jackson), Bell did have surgery on what was, in fact, a torn ligament.

"At the end of the day, every decision is the player’s,” Bell continued. "They can’t make you play. But let’s just say there were none-too-subtle hints.that I needed to be playing and that I really needed to help the team by playing.”

I understand Bell’s frustration. He thought he was risking his body because he was so crucial to the Bobcats’ playoff chances, and then they ship him to a bad team to acquire Jackson.

I also know Bell was frustrated by the timing of that trade; He wishes, if he was going to be viewed as an expiring contract, that the Bobcats had dealt him over the summer, before he moved his wife and young family back to Charlotte.

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