Where will LeBron go? How about the Nets?

When Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov took over operating control
of the New Jersey Nets recently, he inherited a team hemorrhaging money.
The Nets lost $61 million last year alone, and Prokhorov absorbed a
debt of more than $180 million.

That’s the equivalent to a few cases of vodka for Prokhorov, the richest
man in Russia and the 39th wealthiest in the world, according to
Forbes’ most recent list.

Prokhorov knows little about the NBA, but a lot about business. LeBron
James likes business, too. Whether the two are a match won’t be
determined until next month. Despite being the league’s worst team last
season, the Nets have the cap space and are ready to pounce on James in
this summer’s elite free-agent class. Continue reading “Where will LeBron go? How about the Nets?” »

Martin In Dark About Possible Knee Tear

Chris Tomasson

If a report is accurate that Denver Nuggets power forward Kenyon Martin
has a partial tear of his left patella tendon, he said he hasn’t been
given that information about his knee.

Regardless, the Nuggets, who had previously been looking for a big man,
will spend this weekend discussing what they might do. Agent Mark
Bartelstein told FanHouse the Nuggets have inquired about five of his
free-agent big men: Mark Blount, Mikki Moore, Brian Cook, Jake Voskuhl
and Rob Kurz. Continue reading “Martin In Dark About Possible Knee Tear” »

In world of trade talk, chatter rarely lives up to hype

I hate trade columns.

Weeks of speculation that almost never pan out and aren’t anchored by
any kind of reality. If it’s not an agent looking to place his
client(s) somewhere else, it’s a GM, on orders of his silent owner,
looking to create a market for a player he wants to to ditch. Even the
"truth" of something, like Team A is shopping a player, is normally
calculated by Team A for its own self-interest. Plus, almost everyone
is lying this time of year; the teams that are really looking to do
something deny it even when they’re caught red-handed.

Hate them.

But you love them, and I get that. Nothing beats bar talk (How good
would the Cavs be with Jamison?), and it’s fun when it’s not your job
to check out every rancid, ridiculous rumor. But we are within two
weeks of the Feb. 18 trade deadline, so I guess spending a few minutes
dipping into the water isn’t going to kill me.

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Real trade season coming

With the trade deadline less than three weeks away, talks are only starting to heat up.

It’s the NBA way, due in part to the fact that team executives are
looking to assess their current roster as long as possible before
making changes. It’s also because the 11th-hour approach is written
somewhere in the general manager’s unofficial handbook. Continue reading “Real trade season coming” »

NBA suspends Arenas for rest of season

Adrian Wojnarowski

NBA commissioner David Stern has suspended Washington Wizards guard
Gilbert Arenas for the remainder of this season, the league
announced Wednesday.

League sources told Yahoo! Sports that Stern had been considering two
suspension scenarios for the former All-Star: the remainder of this
season or a full 82-game ban that would extend into next season.
Sources said players association executive director Billy Hunter and association
attorneys had negotiated the suspension terms with Stern over the past
several days. If the association vowed to appeal the shorter penalty, sources
said, Stern was prepared to suspend Arenas for the full 82 games. Continue reading “NBA suspends Arenas for rest of season” »