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Phoenix Suns forward Amar'e Stoudemire says he'd pick a winner when co

BY Matt Gagne

There is a fine line between teams helping and hurting themselves, a
balancing act between planning for great things and sacrificing

Call it a case study of the Knicks and Nets.

Stoudemire’s future with Suns remains cloudy

Marc J. Spears

For 10 consecutive days, Amar’e Stoudemire(notes) was given nothing more than a two-hour reprieve. Two hours to eat, to stretch his legs, to use the bathroom. The other 22 hours of each day were spent lying on his chest, staring down at the floor or, if he was fortunate, into a magazine or book.

Stoudemire opens up about future

Paul Coro – The Arizona Republic

The answers can’t catch up with the endless questions surrounding Amaré Stoudemire’s status with the Phoenix Suns, but Stoudemire gave it a whirl Wednesday.

Suns have to trade Stoudemire

Scott Bordow, Tribune Columnist

To know Amaré Stoudemire is to understand that what comes out of his mouth shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The man is a walking, talking contradiction.

Stoudemire is done; so are Suns

Trade rumors surface about Suns' Stoudemire

By Marcus Thompson II – Staff writer –

A team source said the Warriors are willing to pay to extend Stoudemire’s contract, but it’s uncertain if team president Robert Rowell would approve (or get owner Chris Cohan to approve) what Stoudemire would likely require.

Stoudemire Rumor Tidbit

Paul Coro – The Arizona Republic

Teams recently have inquired about every returning Suns starter, including Golden State’s ongoing interest in Amaré Stoudemire (with a package involving Andris Biedrins being revisited). Washington looked at Stoudemire, too, but backed away when Caron Butler and Richardson were added to the mix.

Latest Amare Rumors and talk

AZCentral is reporting that despite the many recent rumors of Amare
Stoudemire being traded there is very little actual trade talk going on.

In the article it is reported that” There has been plenty of trade
speculation and rumors involving Amaré Stoudemire lately. But unlike
the week of the February trade deadline, none of this talk actually has
involved the Suns.

Does Amare Stoudemire to the Wizards have legs?

The Washington Times is reporting that the Amare Stoudemire to the Wizards talk/rumor does not have any legs.

Latest Stoudemire Talk

The Arizona Republic is reporting on the latest news about Amare
Stoudemire after his recent eye surgery. Besides just talking about his
eye Stoudemire talks about his future such as the option for him to opt
out of his contract after next season.

Stoudemire to now wear glasses is reporting that Amare Stoudemire is set to
wear protective glasses for the rest of his career to protect his eye. While he
has been around the team of late it should be noted that there is not an
imminent timeframe for his return.