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Louis Vuitton's Picks for March Madness Pt1. Washington Region

As the brackets for the NCAA March Madness tournament have been released, I will release my picks for each region. Today I am releasing part 1 of my picks for the Washington DC(East) Region.

The following are my picks for the first round:

New Administrator

Hey Everyone,

My Name is Corey, I am here to get this site back on track!

There were some Administrators that have not been active. I’m a moderator at Wow Baseball and an Administrator and Wow Football. Well now, I am helping here and will be an active Admin here. Come back and send in articles and post in the Forums!

Knicks Acquire Eddy Curry From Bulls & Other Rumors

According to, the Bulls have traded Eddy Curry to the New York Knicks. This ends a long frustrating contract negotiation between Curry and the Bulls. The Bulls insisted Curry take a DNA test due to his heart problems. It’s quoted that if he failed the genetic test, the Bulls would offer him $400,000 annually for the next 50 years. It’s unknown who the knicks would be sending to Chicago. (Perhaps Tim Thomas and Michael Sweetney?)

Eastern Conference Standings Prediction

The NBA Season does not start in a month and a half but the off-season is pretty much over unless you count Sprewell as a premier free-agent target.

Here are my Standings Prediction of the eastern Conference based on off-season transactions.

On the selection of administrators and the Boston Celtics

Hello and welcome,

My name is Jessper Johnathan Sebastian Colton and I was recently added to the administrative team here at BTR. I am new not only to the site but to the administrative process and would encourage any comments/ideas/criticism which the membership could address, so feel to send me any ideas one might have in the area of improving the site as a whole either by PM or by e-mailing me at

The Biggest Deal in NBA History….

As was stated in the Rumor Mill yesterday, alot of players ended up switching teams although I don’t think many people expected it to be via one trade

On Joining the BTR Staff


I am zednik, one of the admins from WOWhockey, and now the newest admin at

I think for the most part since this is a new community I would like to take this oppertunity to get to know the other members,

Getting BTR Back on Track

To all BTR members, I’m sorry for absence as of late. I’ve been incredibly busy over the last couple weeks. I promise now to be active on the site.

Just to give you guys some ideas I have:

New Admin

Hey members of BTR, I’m the new admin for the site. I hope to attract more members, so we can eventually get this site as popular as HTR.

New BTR Admin

Hello all members of BTR. It is sunday morning, and I am up early. So I’ve decided to tell you all about the new admin. His name is Traitor. He is a bit of a jerk, but you’ll get used to him. I know him VERY well.