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Bobcats look set for busy deadline

The Charlotte Bobcats are expected to be one of the busiest teams in the league in the run-up to the February 20 trade deadline, with the franchise looking to build on their impressive season so far shock the Betfair odds by reaching the playoffs. The Bobcats have exceeded expectations so far this season, coming into this campaign on the back of two seasons in which the team had lost 120 of 148.

Bell feels used by Bobcats

Rick Bonnell

Some very interesting comments by former Charlotte Bobcat Raja Bell
about how he feels manipulated by his former team, in regard to the
left wrist injury he suffered in the preseason.

Bobcats to explore possibility of adding Iverson

The Charlotte Bobcats have an owner who’s losing millions and looking
to sell. They’ve struggled to move tickets, win games and become
relevant in a town that used to adore the NBA.

Allen Iverson could change that. Pair the polarizing guard with coach
Larry Brown again and they wouldn’t just be talking about games in
Charlotte, they’d be talking about practice, too.

Sean May Unlikely to return to Charlotte next year

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Sean May is not
playing many minutes and that “It seems unlikely the Bobcats would make a $3.6
million qualifying offer to restrict his free agency” this summer.

Charlotte looking to move Nazr Mohammed

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Bobcats would
love to dump Nazr Mohammed and his 13 million dollar contract who has only played
in four games this season.