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It will be hard for teams to lure James away

 It is reported that “I have
never had any thoughts of playing anywhere else or imagining playing anywhere

Cavs looking at Joe Smith is reporting that Joe Smith of the Thunder may
still be on option for the Cavs as they move toward the playoffs.

Cavs remain interested in players who may be bought out is reporting that this is the beginning of the
second transaction season as players who are released or bought out by their
teams become eligible to sign with another club and play in the playoffs as
long as the transactions are complete by March the first.

Cavs looking to make some deals is reporting that the Cavs are working quite
hard to swing a variety of different deals before tomorrow’s trade deadline.

Cavs made an offer for Stoudemire

Yahoo Sports
is reporting that the Cleveland Cavaliers made an offer for Stoudemire this
past week that was quickly rejected.