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Mavs interested in deal for Kings' Martin

The Sacramento Kings continue to insist that Kevin Martin is not going
to be made available to interested teams before the Feb. 18 trading

The Mavericks, according to NBA front-office sources, continue to tell
the Kings that they want a call back if that stance changes.

Singleton stays with Dallas Mavericks, Buckner waived


A busy Monday for the Mavericks started with retaining James Singleton, jettisoning Greg Buckner, finding out one of their new players has a knee injury and learning that there’s now a familiar name on the waiting list to join the squad

NBA PM: The Mavericks' Next Trade?

When the Dallas Mavericks’ season ended at the hands of the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban vowed that, economy be damned, he was going to add an All-Star and make sure the Mavs would be back with a vengeance in 2009-2010. On Wednesday morning, after hours of negotiations and sessions of numbers-crunching that would have given Albert Einstein a headache, the Cuban’s front office staff delivered on his promise of a couple months go.

Dallas Mavericks gamble they'll make noise in free agency

The movie production company that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s has a piece of put out a movie a few years back called The Smartest Guys in the Room.

Based on evidence gathered so far, it was not a do*****entary on the Mavericks’ off-season.

The Latest Dirk Nowitzki News is reporting that Dirk Nowitzki is committed to staying in
Dallas and is not interested in leaving the team to try to win a
championship with a different team.

53 Points is tops so far

Thursday night saw Maverics player Dirk Nowitzki score 53 points. This is the most ever by a Maverics player and the most points scored in a single game this season.