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Players, owners to meet again Thursday

Amid mounting labor gloom, NBA commissioner David Stern tried Tuesday to
muster a hopeful tone heading into the last scheduled negotiation with
the players before the expiration of the current collective
bargaining agreement.

Following a five-hour Board of Governors meeting at the same hotel that
the league used as its Dallas headquarters during the NBA Finals earlier
this month, Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver said that the
league’s owners have not formally voted to authorize a lockout to start
immediately if there is no new labor agreement before Thursday’s
midnight deadline.

Ex-Piston Antonio McDyess leaning toward retiring

It looks as if former Piston Antonio McDyess will retire.
As he
stashed the last items from the locker in a travel bag after the
Memphis Grizzlies eliminated the Spurs from the playoffs April 29,
McDyess, 36, reflected on his two seasons in San Antonio, adamant he had
made up his mind to retire.

Toronto, Portland Added to Dampier's List of Options

Erick Dampier was hoping to take his talents to South Beach.

But in an interview on Sunday, the free agent center said his list of
possible destinations continues to grow in the wake of his recent
spurning from Miami. While FanHouse reported Saturday that Milwaukee had
joined Houston in the pursuit of the 35-year-old veteran, the Bucks and
Rockets have unwanted company.

Anthony Rumored In 4-Team Trade To Nets

The Denver Nuggets went into the weekend determined to complete an
ambitious four-team megatrade that would land All-Star forward Carmelo
Anthony with the New Jersey Nets, according to sources with knowledge of
the negotiations.

The proposed deal, as reported earlier Friday, would also
involve Utah and Charlotte and is poised to deliver prized Nets rookie
Derrick Favors, Jazz veteran Andrei Kirilenko and multiple future
first-round picks to Denver in exchange for their franchise player.

Johnson looking forward to one day running own NBA team

The topic, dismissed even in recent months by veteran Lakers insiders,
is no longer couched in whispered possibility but openly discussed as

Magic Johnson will probably be splitting with the Lakers.

Billups '100 percent hopeful' on 'Melo

Chauncey Billups said he may know something about Carmelo Anthony’s
future after speaking with his Nuggets teammate the past few days. But
Billups is keeping it quiet.

Anthony’s $65 million contract extension with Denver is growing spider
webs on the table. Billups said he hopes Anthony makes a decision on
whether or not to sign the extension before the season, so he won’t be
asked about it in every city.


The New Orleans Hornets, Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets and New Jersey
Nets have reportedly agreed on a trade that will change the homes of
five players, including Trevor Ariza and Darren Collison.

The trade has been reported by multiple sources, including the Indianapolis Star and The Newark Star-Ledger.

Just imagine LeBron, Dirk playing on same team

LeBron to Dallas talk starts in 3, 2… now.

Actually started, past tense. Thursday. About 10 p.m., or seconds after
King James and his Cavs crashed and burned in yet another playoffs. Best
NBA record apparently guarantees jack squat. Boston advanced somewhat
easily to the East Finals, and Team LeBron walked into yet another
off-season without a ring.

Only this time he has choices. Stay in Cleveland? Or go to New York or
Chicago (or, dare I say, Dallas?), via a nifty little opt-out clause in
his contract?

For Riley, the waiting is the hardest part

"You take it on faith. You take it to the heart. The waiting, is the
hardest part."

There is no doubt, with the start of free agency more than seven weeks
off, Pat Riley can empathize with Tom Petty.

He is just hoping he doesn’t have to later commiserate with The

John Wall Signs with Dan Fegan and BEST

The biggest name in the draft has selected an NBA agent, DraftExpress
learned tonight.

Kentucky freshman John Wall, the leading candidate to be selected first
overall in the 2010 draft, has signed with Dan Fegan of Blue
Entertainment Sports Television (BEST).

Fegan, a Yale Law School graduate and one of the most powerful agents in
the NBA, made a big splash for Jonathan Blue’s agency, which acquired
his practiceacquired his practice[/url] in 2008, with this signing.