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2nd round what will be good!!!

After all these first round series we now have the Heat vs. Wizards, Pistons vs. Pacers, Sonics vs. Spurs, and Suns vs. Mavs fighting it out to go on to the semifinals and hopefully two of them go to the NBA Finals. So here now are my picks on the teams who move on to the Semifinals and Finals and the strenghts and weaknesses.

Celtics Walker out – Sixers Webber out

In the race for a playoff spot, the Philadelphia 76ers have lost some key members to that race and the Celtics could lose their division lead…

Who's in? Who's Out?

Here’s my predictions for the bottom feeder teams of the eastern conference that will and won’t make the playoffs

Next Season Standings

I already did one for next years all star team, but heres how i think next years standings will be

The Real playoff picture

Hey peeple, this is my first story so go ez on me, since cartersucks just did a fantasy playoffs, ill do a real one