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Rubio's stock rising and falling

By Chad Ford of is reporting that

Spanish point guard sensation Ricky Rubio is staying in the 2009 NBA draft his agent, Dan Fegan, told on Monday.

The question is, where will he land on draft night?

Curry might not get his wish – to be with Knicks

Alan Hahn – Newsday

Davidson star guard Stephen Curry, who has been quite open about his
interest in becoming a Knick, has seen his stock rise to the point that
he could wind up being taken by a team that trades up to a spot ahead
of the Knicks.

Stern wants age limit of 20, Jermaine thinks it's racism

Indiana Pacers forward Jermaine O’Neal said he thinks racism might have something to do with the NBA’s desire to put an age limit in the next collective bargaining agreement.

Who is the ROY

With a lot of great candidates this year only 1 thing is certain.