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Thunder's Mascot Is A Bison!

The Oklahoma City Thunder Mascot will be a Bison! It will be unveiled at haftime of the Feb. 17 game against the Hornets at the Ford Center!

Wilcox would welcome a trade out of town

NewsOk is reporting that Thunder forward Chris Wilcox is
open to being traded before the Feb 19 trade deadline. He is quoted as saying
that “"I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing something happen,” Wilcox said.
"I just hope that it’s the right situation if it does happen.”

Thunder To Trade Up In The Draft?

Chris Sheridan of says that Thunder GM Sam Presti could be trading up in the draft.

Durant Not Yet An All-Star

Kevin Durant was not named to the All-Star team when the names were announced, but he is not worried about it.

Durant may not be an All-Star for the NBA yet, but he is already an All-Star in the minds of the Thunder nation.

Stern Slams Seattle

"David Stern gave another warning that the SuperSonics could eventually leave Seattle, saying Thursday that the city is, "not interested in having the NBA there."

The NBA commissioner also touched on the situations regarding the Trail Blazers and the Hornets during a conference call, but his strongest words were saved for the Sonics’ future in Seattle.

Kemp to make a come back?

"Former Seattle SuperSonic and Orlando Magic player Shawn Kemp says he’s ready to get back in the game after three years of retirement from the NBA"