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Reaf LaFrentz and a pick for Salmons? is reporting that the Blazers have offered a
draft pick and Reaf LaFrentz to the Kings for John Salmons.

Trail Blazers to move?

Word has it that the Trailblazers may be moving to a city near you! David Stern, commissioner of the NBA said that he is “not confident" that the Portland Trail Blazers will stay in the city.

NBA Suspends Telfair 2 Games

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Trail Blazers guard Sebastian Telfair was suspended for two games by the NBA for violating the league’s firearms policy.

Van Exel could be a Raptors by the end of the month….

Some rumours coming from Portland says that the Toronto Raprtors tries to acquire #19 Nick Van Exel of the TrailBlazers squad.