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Peter Vecsey of the New York Post reports that

With that in mind, contrary to a Yahoo! report, the Nets have had no conversation with the Cavaliers since mid-February regarding Vince Carter for anybody, much less Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace, who talked about retiring but is not about to forfeit $14M.


Carter likely to remain with the Nets

The Daily News is reporting that the Vince Carter is not leaving the Nets on a sour note this season and is talking like he “wants to remain in the swamps.”

Several Rumors including the latest on Vince Carter is reporting on the latest trade rumors as we head
into the trade deadline. Of the rumors listed it is noted that the Blazers are
working very hard to land Vince Carter.

Vince Carter on his way to the Rockets?

The Nets and Rockets continue to trade offers with the centerpiece of any deal being Vince Carter. is reporting that the Nets are trying to work out what they will be getting in return.

Rumors from CBSSports

CBS Sports is reporting that the Vince Carter’s name has
been linked to at least six teams and two additional teams that may or may not
be in the mix include Dallas and San Antonio. Another big rumor is that the Cavs
may have interest in Marcus Camby.