Agent: LeBron James is searching for a sidekick

The King is in the process of assembling his court.

In an unprecedented move, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson and
Dwyane Wade — all All-Stars and potential free agents as of July 1 —
plan to assemble and map out their futures, according to a story first
published by the Chicago Tribune.

Bill Duffy, the agent for Pistons forward Tayshuan Prince, likened it to
Batman searching for Robin with the ultimate goal being gaining an NBA

"I think each player has to assess his own individual situation," Duffy said. "I think the reason you’re seeing this synergy, so to speak, is that all of these guys are in situations where they are not winning, so they need a co-conspirator. I call it the Batman and Robin syndrome where some players are Batman and some players are Robin.

"If you look at the NBA there’s never been one individual superstar to carry a team. Oscar Robertson teamed with Lew Alcindor at the time. In Detroit you could say Dennis Rodman and Joe Dumars were Isiah Thomas’ Robins and Magic (Johnson) was surrounded by a bunch of great players."

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