All-Star Zach making trades look fishy

Donnie Walsh’s two bold trades 15 months ago cleared cap space to sign an All-Star in 2010.

How ironic. As it turned out, Walsh traded an All-Star in his cap
pursuit. Congratulations Zach Randolph, whose winning and excelling in
his new home in Memphis. Randolph is averaging 20.5 points and 11.6
rebounds, a shade better than David Lee.

But Randolph’s points are doing some real good. Memphis is 26-25 – in the race for the eighth seed in the rugged West. Lee’s Knicks are 13 games under .500. Had Randolph not been traded, it is unlikely Lee would’ve emerged statistically to be in the spot he will be in tomorrow at Cowboys Stadium.

And if Randolph had not been traded along with Jamal Crawford, the Knicks would probably have made the playoffs last season and this season. So says Randolph himself. The Knicks were 6-5 when Walsh blew it up.

"We were winning when I got traded,” Randolph told me today at the Dallas Convention Center. "I didn’t want to go to a losing situation (with the Clippers). But we’ve started winning here and turned things around.”

"If the Knicks didn’t trade me or Jamal, we probably would’ve made the playoffs,” Randolph added. "I don’t understand it but they want LeBron. Donnie is a smart man. But I loved my time there. At the time I got traded, I was playing some of my best basketball.”

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