Allen Iverson would give Miami Heat three stages of grief


We’ve officially entered Stage Three of the Miami Heat offseason.The first was the “Umm, is trading for Chris Bosh really an option?” stage, and had it not been shot down so quickly it would have made this among the splashiest summers in franchise history.

The second was the “Oooh, maybe there are a few tricks left in Pat Riley’s sleeve” stage, and had New York native Lamar Odom not sold his soul to SoCal long ago, maybe that would have been the final stage of the summer, with an Odom-Carlos Boozer tandem making the Heat elite again.

Instead, we’re stuck here in the third phase, the “Eh, what’s the point?” stage, which kind of feels like 15 minutes before last call and you’re scanning the room for last-minute options.

Hey look, there’s Allen Iverson. Still available. Still interested.

Still a mistake.

If it is true that “The Answer” remains an option for Riley, who has, to his credit, held strong to his word that 2010 is the time that he will strike and strike hard, it should be viewed as little more than a turnstile-turning opportunity. Given that the Heat has all but conceded that it won’t truly contend with the Cleveland-Orlando-Boston power trio in the Eastern Conference next season, adding an Iverson at this point would essentially be bait to lure fans into AmericanAirlines Arena for six months.

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