Amar'e speaks at length

Paul Coro

There was more to what Amar’e Stoudemire said Friday than what was
included in Friday’s article. Out of a 35-minute media session, the
rest of the conversation was as scattered as the trade rumors about him.

Here are more of Stoudemire’s words, pertinent or not.

Stoudemire on dealing with trade rumors: “It’s definitely not easy at times but you have to able to put it aside and focus on the fun part of basketball, which is playing. Once you step on the basketball court, it’s like freedom. You’re free and having fun. That’s the best way to put all the trade talk aside.”

Stoudemire again on being puzzled by annual trade talks: “It’s a question mark why the trade talk is always around me every year. It’s nothing I can control. I can’t change it. All I can do is stay focused and play to the best of my ability and see what happens.”

Stoudemire on believing there is a “50-50” chance he will be traded: “The ball’s in midcourt. Both parties want to make a great decision for themselves. All I want to do is contend for a championship. That’s my goal. The Phoenix Suns goal may be a little bit different. I’m not sure. Whatever decision is made, hopefully we can reach a common denominator and both be satisfied with the decision.”

Stoudemire on the future: “I wish I had a crystal ball. The best-case scenario is to be in a position to win a championship, wherever that may be than so be it.”

Stoudemire on someone suggesting Dallas is rumored to be interested in him: “Dallas is throw in the mix? That’s news to my ears. I’ve never heard that one. I think there are a lot of teams out there that appreciate my skills. I’ve worked hard for the past eight years to persevere through injuries and maintain an All-Star caliber game and continue to improve as a player. My dedication to the game is at an all-time high and I think most of the fans know that because I was able to bounce back from these injuries so well. . . . (and when asked a different way) I would never say I wouldn’t (play for Dallas) because Mark Cuban
is definitely one of the great owners and Dallas is a phenomenal organization.”

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