Amare Stoudemire Anticipates a Trade

Amare Stoudemire has been the subject of many trade rumors the past
couple seasons. The most notable one happened on Draft Night ’09, when
it was reported he’d be heading to Golden State for the likes of Andris
Biedrins(notes) and Steph Curry.

There has been little chatter so far this season, but with extension
talks about to begin (and subsequently fail due to disagreements about
what he’s worth), Stoudemire expects things to heat up soon. From The
Arizona Republic:

With the trade deadline a month from today, the conversation about trading Stoudemire continues – externally and internally. Interest in trading for Stoudemire remains as tepid as it was last season, when the Suns passed on moving him because of a lack of quality offers.

"It’s been quiet," said Stoudemire, who unlike last summer has kept it that way by not fanning flames with comments about a possible trade. "But I’m pretty sure it’s going to heat up in a second as far as trade rumors and different scenarios."

After having to deal with so many rumors, Amare now seems to anticipate a deal as a default. In the offseason, there was talk he held goodbye parties and told people he’d be leaving Phoenix soon, which, while not verified fact, would give some indication of his mindset if true.

But should the Suns trade him? Phoenix is currently sixth in the West at 24-17, just 1.5 games ahead of ninth-place Oklahoma City. Given that the Suns are unlikely to get value for Amare, his departure would likely take them out of the playoff race. The Suns are notorious penny-pinchers and might trade him just for the sake of money, but an end-of-the-lottery draft pick doesn’t seem like the best piece for an aging Steve Nash(notes). Yes, the Suns won’t get anything back if Amare leaves in free agency, but having the cap space to sign another veteran might be worth more than whatever they get in a trade.

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