Andre Miller signed with the Trail Blazers to win games, not friends

Joe Freeman, The Oregonian

After three weeks in the Northwest, a week of practices and countless media encounters, it has become blatantly clear that Andre Miller, the Trail Blazers’ biggest free agent acquisition, did not arrive in Portland to make new friends.
Teammates and coaches have praised Miller for his superb passing ability, on-court leadership and veteran savvy. Early indications suggest that he is going to be an asset for this team, if not a force that helps propel the Blazers to a playoff run.

But as positive as the on-court reports have been, Miller’s off-the-court demeanor has raised an equal number of eyebrows. After a frosty media day introduction, Miller has gone out of his way to make it clear that he is in Portland to work, not to build relationships.

“I come to practice and go home,” Miller said. “I practice and put in the time, talk to guys during practice and keep going. If it was college, then maybe that would be different. But this is a professional environment … a business. That’s just how I get down.”

On a team full of big personalities and outgoing dispositions, the Blazers’ new point guard is a polar opposite. After practices last week, Miller draped a large towel over his head, shielding the sides of his face, during interviews. And when he answered questions, Miller spoke in a quiet, deliberate manner, often looking toward the ground as he talked.

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