Andrew Bynum, Shannon Brown injury updates

With speculative rumors of Andrew Bynum possibly not playing Game 4 of
the NBA Finals spreading quickly, Pau Gasol practically sneered at the
notion after Lakers practice Wednesday.

“He wants to be out there, no matter what,” Gasol said of Bynum.

Bynum backed Gasol’s hunch later by saying: “I’m doing OK. Just finished
treatment, got a lot of the swelling out. Going to do another one in
about three hours. I’m going to be playing (Thursday night). I will be
playing.”Bynum had said even with growing swelling in his right knee after the game Tuesday night that he planned to play, but he especially was optimistic after he got treatment while the Lakers practiced at TD Garden.

“It was swollen after the game yesterday, but it’s come back down to normal, so I’m good, ready to play,” Bynum said.

Shannon Brown practiced with a sleeve over his right arm, with padding over the elbow area he hurt Tuesday night. Brown was shaking his arm occasionally in practice, but he was able to do everything on the court.

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