Are Iguodala's 76ers days ending?

Ideally, Andre Iguodala should be the kind of player that the region should embrace.

He plays hard, he plays hurt, and he never makes excuses.

Iguodala is quickly falling into the same category as Scott Rolen, who
played for the Phillies from 1997-2002, before essentially getting
booed out of town.
into this season, Iguodala had missed just six games in his first six
seasons. This season, he played through a wrist injury and Achilles
injury in the first half of the season. He missed 12 games with those
injuries when he could have easily missed many more.
through the final two months of the season, Iguodala played through
right knee tendinitis similar to the injury the Phillies’ Chase Utley
has dealt with this season.
Utley still hasn’t played in a game for the Phillies.|topnews|text|Sixers

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