Are Kings staying? Not so fast, says Gavin Maloof

Are the Kings staying, or are they going? Even the league and the team’s owners apparently disagree.

The Los Angeles Times reported today that NBA officials say they expect the Kings to remain in Sacramento next year.

Team co-owner Gavin Maloof immediately disagreed, saying he and his brothers haven’t made up their minds yet.
"That is not what we are saying," Maloof told The Bee. "We haven’t said what we are going to say. We’ll let you know when we know."

This afternoon, the Kings issued the following statement regarding relocation to Anaheim: "We await the results of the fact-finding visit that the NBA made to Sacramento the past two days. We have not made a decision with regards to relocation filing, and will not make that decision until we have more information from the NBA."

In an afternoon news conference, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said he’s heard nothing definitive about the Kings staying in Sacramento for another year.

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