Basketball Trade Rumors and Notes for July 2nd

1. Pierce, Celtics reach agreement

2. New York Knicks make their pitch to LeBron James during two-hour meeting

3. Lakers’ Phil Jackson is rested and ready for one last season

4. Riley wants Wade, James, Amar’e on Heat

5. Stoudemire leaning toward Knicks?

6. Boozer met with Jazz, Heat, Bulls

7. BOSH TRAVELS TO CHICAGO, MEETS WITH HEAT’S RILEY1. Pierce, Celtics reach agreement

The Boston Herald is reporting " Paul Pierce will remain a Celtic.

The club has reached agreement with its captain on a new contract, according to sources. The deal is said to be for four years, with certain options for both sides after the first three.

The papers cannot be signed or officially announced until next week.

Pierce opted out of the final year of his previous contract and became an unrestricted free agent at 12:01 Thursday. But he took that route with the intention of re-signing with the Celtics in a deal that would help his own future and allow the club better maneuverability."

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2. New York Knicks make their pitch to LeBron James during two-hour meeting

The Ny Daily News is reporting "Shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday, a black SUV with Knicks owner James Dolan in the passenger seat pulled inside the parking garage adjacent to the IMG Building.

On his way to meet with LeBron James, Dolan passed a black Town Car carrying Nets shareholder and rap star Jay-Z, who was exiting in his car following the Nets’ sit-down with James.

Just like that, Dolan was again playing second fiddle to his cross-river rivals.

The instant the photographers stationed outside the garage caught sight of the rap mogul, they quickly abandoned Dolan and jumped into the five-lane street outside the lot in pursuit of Jay-Z, who sat behind the car’s tinted windows.

"That was plain awesome," said a Cavaliers fan, who asked not to be named.

The battle between the Knicks and Nets continued to play out in the Rust Belt Thursday. While Cavs fans on the street corners held up black signs that read "COMMUNITY" and draped black banners with the word "HOME" in large white lettering across several city buildings, the Nets and Knicks made their best efforts to lure James away."

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3. Lakers’ Phil Jackson is rested and ready for one last season

The LA Times is reporting Phil Jackson said it himself. He’s ready for one last stand.

Energized after a week at his Montana lakeside home, Jackson decided to return for an 11th season with the Lakers, the chance to go for another three-peat outweighing the desire to be merely a spectator next season.

"Count me in," he said Thursday in a statement released by the Lakers. "After a couple of weeks of deliberation, it is time to get back to the challenge of putting together a team that can defend its title in the 2010-11 season. It’ll be the last stand for me, and I hope a grand one."

He provided additional context in a brief e-mail to The Times.

"I got a message from on high … that said, ‘Phil, you’ve got to come back, there is a need to fulfill the prophecy. You know 12 [titles] is a holy number and 11 just doesn’t fill that.…’

"So I listened to my doctors and watched the sunrise and the sunset a few times and voila, I’m back."

Jackson, who will turn 65 in September, retreated to his summer home last Friday and cleared his mind by swimming in Flathead Lake and dropping a fishing line over his boat. The fatigue he felt after the season seemed to disappear into the Montana mist, and his decision was helped by favorable medical news that his two main health concerns — his knee and heart — checked out better than expected.

Financial details have not been finalized, but Jackson will either take a minor pay cut from the $12 million he made last season or receive close to that sum with a small portion allocated in deferred payments.

Most Lakers players were out of the country on vacation Thursday, but they unilaterally stumped for him in their exit interviews last week, Kobe Bryant even saying it was "killing my buzz" to merely ponder Jackson’s departure.

Fast-forward to Thursday, and Bryant was glad to hear about Jackson’s return while in South Africa, where he had been watching World Cup soccer. "I’m happy for him," Bryant said in a text message to The Times. "I’m happy for us and for our fans."

For Lakers officials still on the continent, the news of Jackson’s return was met with similar satisfaction.

"I’m definitely happy he’s back," Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw said. "When you win and your core pieces are in place, you want to keep going until somebody knocks you off that perch. With him coming back, it kind of completes that challenge to go out and defend it until somebody knocks you off.

"If he wasn’t back, you still have that same core of guys, but without that coach there, it’s different. I think everybody can take a big sigh of relief. Everybody’s happy."

Said Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak: "He’s not only the best coach for this team, but quite simply the best coach in the history of the NBA.""

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4. Riley wants Wade, James, Amar’e on Heat

ESPN is reporting When Miami Heat president Pat Riley met with Amar’e Stoudemire(notes) last night, ESPN reports that he tried to sell the power forward on the idea of teaming up with Dwyane Wade(notes) and LeBron James(notes) in Florida.

The lack of a state income tax in the Sunshine State is one of Riley’s big selling points, according to ESPN’s source, which is good because the three players would each have to take about $15 million to start on five-year deals, less than what they could get elsewhere.

Riley’s pitch was mostly about how all great championships are built on three great players, the source told ESPN.

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5. Stoudemire leaning toward Knicks?

Yahoo Sports is reporting The Phoenix Suns had one last effort the other day to re-sign Amar’e Stoudemire(notes), but it may not have been good enough. The New York Knicks are making a serious run at him at this point.

A Phoenix sports-radio host, John Gombadoro, tweeted that there is no way Stoudemire is returning to the Suns and that the power forward is leaning toward signing with the Knicks, who he believes have offered Stoudemire a max contract.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that there is no max offer on the table just yet and that the "sides will talk over weekend."

HoopsWorld also has it that the Knicks haven’t made an offer just yet but negotiations have started. The site’s source says the Suns "came in too low" with its offer.

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6. Boozer m
et with Jazz, Heat, Bulls

Yahoo Sports is reporting On the first day of tCarlos Boozerhis NBA free agency signing period, Utah Jazz free-agent forward Carlos Boozer(notes) had a busy day.

Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears reports that Boozer met with three teams, including the one he could be leaving. Along with the Jazz, Boozer had meetings with the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. A source for Spears says that Boozer "was pleased with how all the meetings went."

The Jazz didn’t make a formal contract offer to Boozer in its meeting with the player, according to Deseret News. The paper reports that Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor says the team and Boozer’s reps are talking "twice a day."

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TSN.Ca is reporting Chris Bosh met with the Miami Heat in Chicago on Thursday, each side gauging the chance of him joining Dwyane Wade in South Florida for the next several seasons.

"It was good. It was good, real good," Bosh said Thursday evening outside his agent’s office in downtown Chicago.

He also said he had "no offers yet." Later, Bosh was planning to meet with the New Jersey Nets.

Earlier, he had posted on Twitter that Heat president "Pat Riley is very passionate about winning."

The Heat has not made any public comment after any free-agent sessions, though there’s clearly high mutual interest. Bosh told The Associated Press earlier this week that Miami is one of his top choices during the free-agent period.

Bosh met with the Houston Rockets after the clock struck midnight in the east on Thursday, formally opening the NBA free-agent window. He talked to the Rockets in Dallas, his hometown, then flew to Chicago for the mid-afternoon session with the Heat contingent led by Riley.

The Heat had talked with Amare Stoudemire and others earlier Thursday in Los Angeles.

Riley was joined for the Bosh visit by team owner Micky Arison and Heat great Alonzo Mourning, among others. It’s believed the same group will accompany Riley for his meeting in Cleveland on Friday with two-time NBA MVP LeBron James.

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